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The “Fit” Economy

How can we invest in our local economy and still keep in shape?

Your community will have many opportunities for you to do so. I have lived in the area of Kent, Oh. for two years now and I have noticed a few big name exercise and fitness places, yet many of the local choices are over looked. True, lifting weights is a great way to build muscle, and doing so will make your body look healthier and toned, but there are other ways to build muscle, get toned, look healthier, train you mind, low stress, and help you joints last longer (lifting weights can wear down joints fast).

One great alternative is Martial Arts!

Chances are no matter where you live you will find some martial arts there. Martial Arts have been known to have great benefits for the participant! It can tone, sculpt and discipline your body, increase you coordination, increase flexibility and stamina, your mental acuity itself is heightened. What stops most people from trying this is a slight sense of intimidation, but once you get past that first hump you’ll be glad you did.

Keeping local businesses, like martial art dojos, going will help local economies bloom. Though there are some who will simply say that martial arts are “stupid” and they will never try them. My suggestions for them would be to try to find a locally own gym and check out a couple of practices. Even small gyms, with your extra business, can grow and help the local ecomomy. You might also want to try a local university (if you have the luxury), universities might offer martial arts or other sports clubs that are open for community members to join sometimes at a better rate than you could find at a local Gym or Dojo. Universities, like Kent State University, can put million dollars back in to the local community, so supporting them will also keep you and your community in good shape. Remember the economy can only get better if you help it. “The Power Is Yours.”



About Fel Wetzig

Felicia Wetzig writes to appease the “peasants” in her head. A student of history and library science, she enjoys finding new ways to look at folklore. You can find her and the peasants at Scotzig’s Blog, and on twitter with @Scotzig .

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