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Food Drive: April 13, 14

Our delivery.

Acme allowed us to set up in front of their store for 2 days to collect food and supplies, which were donated to Portage APL.

Friday – 3pm to 6pm – 5 Planeteers participated throughout the day – Paul, MaryKate, Ali, Darla, and Felicia
Saturday – 12pm to 3pm – because of other commitments only 3 Planeteers were available, but it was still a success – Felicia, Ali, and Darla

Less than a quarter of donations received.

We also made some connections within the community (having talked with at least 300 people over the last 2 days). Talked with some people about other local animal shelters, and got out the Planeteer name. Best of all, we received an awesome number of donations (as you can see from the top picture), which were delivered when the shelter opened on Tuesday afternoon.

The Portage APL was very excited to receive our huge donation, and we were excited to be helping to care for the animals. The executive director, Chalan Lowry, took us on a tour to meet all of their current residents.

If you’re looking for a furever friend, please consider adopting from the Portage Animal Protective League. You can see some of the residents on Facebook or the Portage APL website.


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"Planeteers are people who care - and Planeteer Networks all over the world and self-organizing with the mission of creating a sustainable planet." ~http://captainplanet.me/

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