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Sustainability Summit: December 16

December 16 – Student Sustainability Summit

On Friday, December 16, three of us attended a Student Sustainability Summit with representatives from other environmental groups on campus. This gave us all an opportunity to meet with one another and learn about the projects and goals coming up for next semester. If we all continue to collaborate as planned, I think we can potentially have a huge impact.

– We also discussed the possibility of petitioning for a “Eco-Fund” which would be a small ($5) optional amount added to tuition which would go into a sustainability account to fund green projects on campus

– Presenting a united front to the student body by arranging to have tables for all of the environmental groups in the student center on the same day, and collaborating for Earth Week in April.

– The plan is to have regular meetings next semester, approximately once per month (TBA).

– Link up on Facebook with other groups

– Check into Kent Patch (patch.com) to reach out to community

– Promotion of RecycleMania in January (connecting with building curators)

– Community Based Social Marketing would be a good book for us to check into as far as our advertising goes.

– Possibility of listing the clubs on the Kent State sustainability site with a synopsis of our activities and contact information.

– Also keep in mind Campus Sustainability Day which will come up next September


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"Planeteers are people who care - and Planeteer Networks all over the world and self-organizing with the mission of creating a sustainable planet." ~http://captainplanet.me/

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