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Meeting Notes: December 9

December 9 – Final Meeting for Fall Semester

I hope everyone has a wonderful break for the holidays! But, remember we have lots to prepare for next semester.

At the last Planeteer meeting on December 9;
        -We agreed that it would be beneficial to have regularly scheduled meetings in the student center so we can hang up a flyer at the beginning of the semester, and announce when and where all of our meetings will be held. On Friday, December 16, we scheduled the room with the student center and as soon as I get confirmation I’ll let everyone know the details on that, but we will be meeting once per month.
        -Our first project for the Spring will be a canned food drive (hopefully for the Greater Akron Humane Society). Details for this will follow soon!
        -The next project for the Spring will be Earth Week in April – for this we will be collaborating with the other environmental groups on campus, and making packets for the RAs to use in the residence halls.
        -PROMOTION! We need to get together fliers to advertise our general meetings as well as our upcoming events. Also, since we will likely be approaching a lot of people and organizations it would also be helpful to have some kind of business card (make of eco friendly materials of course) to give people who are interested in connecting with us or learning more about us.
All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

About Akron Planeteers

"Planeteers are people who care - and Planeteer Networks all over the world and self-organizing with the mission of creating a sustainable planet." ~http://captainplanet.me/

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