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Meeting Notes: November 18


November 18


Planeteers Meeting, November 18, 2012

The Blog

  1. Making a list of topics/and research question.
  2. Once we have a list of research questions, members can select a topic and will be given a deadline to complete an article and submit it for copy editing. This way we will have a consistant supply of articles for our blog.
  3. Try to bring to the next meeting (around 10) ideas for research topics that can be covered in a blog article.


  1. Making flyers to post around campus to recruit members and include eco-tips!
  2. Promotion via Facebook
  3. Getting funds to provide free food at a meeting.
  4. Felicia will announce meetings to the College of Arts and Sciences Learning Communities.
  5. Darla will talk to writer at Kent Stater about getting an article.
  6. All members – bring a friend to the next meeting!

Activities for Next semester

  1. January – Canned (Animal) Food Drive! Bring Canned food for Dogs or Cats and get Pizza. We will plan on donating the animal food to the Humane Society of Greater Akron
  2. Valentines Day “Dance” – a fundraiser/adoption drive for local animal shelters
  3. Earth Day – April 22, 2012 – ideas?
  4. Earth Hour – March 31, 2012 – ideas?


  1. We can request (up to $300) through the Center for Student Involvement for our events as long as we get the paperwork turned in with a full budget!


  1. To make sure our Twitter/Facebook page stay updated with new information we will assign members who wish to help with this task a day of the week. On that day they will be responsible for checking out any environmental news or innovations and updating our feeds.

Meeting Location our new meeting location will be the Computer Lab by the Performing Arts Library in the Music & Speech Building!

Our next meeting will be Friday December 2, at 5:15pm in the Performing Arts Library Computer Lab! See you there, and have a great Thanksgiving!


About Akron Planeteers

"Planeteers are people who care - and Planeteer Networks all over the world and self-organizing with the mission of creating a sustainable planet." ~http://captainplanet.me/

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