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Oceana Petition: 136 supporters strong!

April 18, 2012

Risman Plaza, Kent State University

Kent State Planeteers collected 136 photos petitions to take a stand against offshore drilling and promote offshore wind energy.

Offshore drilling is dirty and dangerous. It pollutes our oceans, threatens wildlife and coastal economies, and contributes to climate change and ocean acidification. It must be stopped! Conversely, offshore wind is outstanding. It produces clean, renewable energy and the U.S. has incredible wind resources, especially off the east coast. We must persuade Congress and the president to pass legislation limiting or banning offshore drilling and bringing offshore wind to the U.S. immediately!

It was a fitting day for the petitions, warm with a nice breeze and we were lucky so many great people stopped by to participate in our event and even chat with us. We also appreciate the people hanging out on the plaza, talking, eating, studying, etc., that took the time out to participate when we interrupted.

We had some great “stoppers” in our group who put out the effort, stopping the people passing by and speaking with the folks around the plaza. I think that with only 4 stoppers (usually only 2 at a time) we did some excellent work! You all should be proud.

Also a thank you to Brandon Turley who came out from TV2 news just to cover our event and interview some of our members.


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