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Meeting Notes: September 21

September 21

Next Meeting, October 12

Will have a table on the main floor of the student center on October 10th from 2-6:30pm to spread the message of our upcoming meeting

MaryKate talked with Oceana about the petition to increase offshore wind energy

Petition planned for October 15th, 16th, and 17th

Blog article rotation will be starting up again

Oceana Skype call with Katie Parrish at 5:45

Blog Articles

Ali will be putting up one article about a local business about every month

Aiming for one new blog article every month

MaryKate will be doing first blog article

Event Ideas

Mock oil spill on anniversary of BP oil spill (pass invitation to other sustainability clubs)

Palm oil awareness for Halloween (maybe)

Oceana petition (see above notes)

Animal Food Drive

To do before next meeting

Oceana Petition: decide time shifts, finish paperwork, do banner for table

Hang up more flyers in dorms and pass out in student center

Blog article startup





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