Eating Natural

Spotlight: The Soulsby Farm

The Soulsby Farm is located in Hudson, Ohio, run by Dan Soulsby and his family. The Soulsby Farm We believe in sustainable farming from organic heirloom seeds and are strongly against GMO’s. We grow everything organically and let our hens free range around the garden (and sometimes the neighbors yard).

Spotlight: Brunty Farms

Brunty farms is a small family farm located in Bath Township, Ohio. They specialize in pasture raised eggs, meats and organically raised fruits and vegetables. As a sustanable farm – putting the land, animals, and customers over profits – they offer a great alternative to commercial farms. 

Captain Planet: Exec. Producer talks on the issues surrounding eating meat

Vegan, Veggie, Meat: What about nature?

I’ve typically kept my views on this subject to myself, mainly because it’s a heated argument that often turns nasty- unnecessarily nasty. But here it is – Yes, I care about the environment. Yes, I care about animals and animal welfare. No, I am not a vegetarian or vegan nor do I believe it is a viable or sustainable […]

Palm Oil: How it affects you and the world

Palm Oil is not a well-known ingredient for most people. However, it is an increasingly consumed ingredient in most food and even used in some cosmetic products. Palm Oil is becoming such a daily part of people’s diets that it has surpassed soy bean oil and is now the world’s most widely produced edible oil.

Taking the Meat Industry ‘Out to Pasture’

I recently had a talk with my doctor about the use of antibiotics, especially those used on animals in the meat industry. 80% of the antibiotics in the U.S. go to this purpose. Why? Is it because the animals are getting sick or to prevent the spread of sickness? No, the antibiotics are given in low […]

How “sweet” is your sweetener?

All of these commercials circulating about the wonderful goodness of High Fructose Corn Syrup disturb me. “When it comes to corn sugar or cane sugar, your body doesn’t know the difference. Sugar is sugar.” Really? Well that’s what the commercial says . . . In fact, sugar is sugar, HFCS is NOT sugar (even the […]