Natural Living

Spotlight: The Soulsby Farm

The Soulsby Farm is located in Hudson, Ohio, run by Dan Soulsby and his family. The Soulsby Farm We believe in sustainable farming from organic heirloom seeds and are strongly against GMO’s. We grow everything organically and let our hens free range around the garden (and sometimes the neighbors yard).

Spotlight: Brunty Farms

Brunty farms is a small family farm located in Bath Township, Ohio. They specialize in pasture raised eggs, meats and organically raised fruits and vegetables. As a sustanable farm – putting the land, animals, and customers over profits – they offer a great alternative to commercial farms. 

Carbon Footprint: Intro to Greenhouse Gases

We have received a request to address “Carbon Footprints,” and the responsibility of reducing our impact on the world as much as possible. This is actually quite a complicated subject, so I’ll rely on a lot of work that has already been done, and use a series of posts to guide the readers through the […]

Eco-Cleaning with common products you probably already own!

Whether you need to clean on a budget, or you’re just looking for less toxic substances to use in your home, there are a variety of options probably already lurking in your kitchen.

Natural Items for Your Health & Beauty!

We’ve all been hearing about how natural items are better for your health, eating organic food, and using natural items for cleaning, but what else can we do with the natural products already in your house?

The “Fit” Economy

How can we invest in our local economy and still keep in shape? Your community will have many opportunities for you to do so. I have lived in the area of Kent, Oh. for two years now and I have noticed a few big name exercise and fitness places, yet many of the local choices […]

Natural Solutions 101

I once read a post on a website for natural alternatives to bug repellant that said something along the lines of “just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s any safer. They can still be poisonous or cause irritation.” – Well, I for one don’t think I’m going to go home and take a swig of […]