Upcycling: An Introduction

What is it? To put it simply, upcycling is a combination of crafting and recycling. We all have things around the house that we can repurpose. Upcycling reduces waste and lets you create new products that are useful and fun. Some upcycling projects take time and effort, but there are plenty that can be completed […]

Repair vs. Replace

One of the things that seems long forgotten by our society is that most things can be repaired as opposed to replaced. DVD player quit working? Time to buy a new one. Laptop crashes? Time for a new model. Shoes coming apart at the seams? Time for a new pair. Hole in your shirt? Toss […]

Disposable Planet?

How many disposable things do you use on a daily basis? Drink bottles, paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic bags, styrofoam cups, paper towels, snack packaging, sandwich bags . . . And how many of those things to you throw away as opposed to recycling? Some disposable items are hard to avoid, but it’s not hard […]